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Date:Feb 02, 2013

Work package 6 is led by PNO.

The main mission of this work package is the creation of and Innovation Network for stakeholders in the area of substitution of Critical Raw Materials.

Main objectives:

  • Promote and provide a wide, active forum to streamline and channel participation of interested actors in the area of substitution of Critical Raw Materials as well as the information flow between them and the project team.
  • During the time of the project the Network has a two-fold mission:
  • Engage, connect and guide the interested actors willing to participate in the activities developed across the project Work packages to the leaders of these activities.
  • Facilitate the dissemination and reporting the progress made in the different project Work packages (i.e. elaboration of a roadmap on substitution of Critical Raw Materials) to a wide audience.
  • Close to the end of the project the work package will study the potential pathways for establishing the Innovation Network as a permanent body depending on future funding mechanisms, interests and the evolution of the different initiatives related to Critical Raw materials taking place across Europe.  The project will contemplate the creation of more than one Innovation Network depending on factors such as priorities, different stakeholders’ engagement, particular interests, viability, etc.

Key activities:

This Work Package was tasked with organising three general Workshops.  The first two workshops have been completed, with the third planned for April 2015 (last workshop).

How to get involved?

For any general project queries, email