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Date:Feb 03, 2013

Work package 5 is led by Tecnalia Research and Innovation.

Roadmaps are planning tools frequently used to explore pathways for future technology development.  In the context of CRM_InnoNet, these roadmaps will show options and timelines for substituting critical materials in a minimum of three priority applications for the energy, transport and ICT sectors.  The roadmaps will discuss policy and research options up to the year 2030.

Main objectives:

  • To define coherent medium- and long-term strategies to substitute critical materials in products and processes, which can guide the European research activities in the selected technology fields.

Key activities:

  • To establish the boundaries and contents of the roadmaps and reach consensus on the methodology to be used for their elaboration.
  • To guarantee the participation of relevant experts from research and industry in the workshops, which will propose possible solutions for the substitution of critical materials and, afterwards, validate the proposals outlined in the roadmaps.

How to get involved?

If you are interested in participating in the roadmap workshops, please contact the project coordinator by emailing natalie.withenshaw@ktn-uk.org, indicating shortly your expertise (material, application, sector you work in).  The coordinator will contact you once the priority applications and the dates for celebrating the workshops have been defined (early 2013).