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Interested in meeting other members of the community interested in substitution of critical raw materials?

Interested in joining an interdisciplinary community with a coherent voice focussed on the role substitution can play in solving technological challenges?

The CRM_InnoNet Innovation Network is a proactive and dynamic network of key stakeholders from industry, academia and other organisations interested in the substitution of critical raw materials. The network will provide an identity and focus for researchers and businesses with an interest in substitution, drawing together a community which contains representatives from different disciplines and sectors together with a focus on substitution for the first time.

The Innovation Network has held three workshops for its members for the project:

To become a member of this Network and receive invitations to future event, simply register your details using the registration feature of this website.

Networking continues online! If you are interesting in participating in a substitution project in Horizon2020, you can use the forum below to start meeting potential partners.

Innovation Network Virtual Discussion Forum

Emerging technologies, future substitutes?
Let us know!

The CRM_InnoNet team are mapping potential solutions to CRM-related problems.  If your business or laboratory is developing a new technology or material which could replace a critical material and you want us to include it, please let us know about it by posting a comment below!


Innovation Network Networking!

The Innovation Network for Substitution of Critical Raw Materials held its launch workshop in April 2013 and the next workshop is planned for May 2014.  In the meantime, Network members can either interact virtually using this space.

If you are looking to be involved in a substitution project in Horizon2020, why not post  here:

  • what your organisation has to offer a consortium
  • what you are looking for in potential project partners


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