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Date:Jan 29, 2013

Work package 8 is led by Tecnalia Research and Innovation.

The policy recommendations work package will advise which actions to take and when (from 2015 to 2030), to fulfil the objectives of the strategies for critical material substitution defined in the roadmaps (work package 5). These actions could range from supporting R&D in selected promising areas, fostering networks to specific policy instruments.

Main objectives:

To define the way forward in critical material substitution, at national and European level up to 2030.

Key activities:

  • To identify success criteria to meet the needs in critical material substitution (identified in the roadmaps), taking into account the time dimension (up to 2030) and the current European policy targets.
  • To engage relevant experts from research, industry (associations, technology platforms, etc.) and different governance levels (e.g. national ministries) in a workshop to validate the CRM_InnoNet project recommendations, and adjust it if necessary.

How to get involved?

If you are interested in participating in the validation workshop, please contact the project coordinator by emailing, indicating shortly your expertise (background, organisation you represent and type, e.g. research, industry, government). The coordinator will contact you once the date for celebrating the workshop has been defined (2015).