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Date:Feb 06, 2013

Work package 2 is led by D’Appolonia.

This Work Package will develop methodologies to identify and collect relevant information on materials flow. The acquired methodologies will then be used to prioritise potential substitution trajectories identified within the project.

Main objectives:

  • Identifying the most relevant sources of information concerning materials and products flows;
  • Identifying worldwide trends for materials flows;
  • To analyse and prioritise the data collected;
  • To provide support for work packages 3 and 4, which aim to map priority sectors and applications and work package 5 during elaboration of the roadmap.

Key activities:

  • Collection of relevant methodologies that will be further discussed, selected and/or adapted for the purposes of the project;
  • The applications identified will be prioritized according to methodologies selected;
  • The different technologies (sectors, pilots, applications, single projects…) identified during the road mapping sessions in WP5, will be prioritised, according to the methodologies selected.

How to get involved?

Methodologies shall be further discussed with the work group through dedicated questionnaires oriented to the identification of priorities. Contact for further information.