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VENUS project aims to develop a novel electric drive system for EVs, (i) free of rare-earth magnets, (ii) which meets EV performance requirements (efficiency, power density) and (iii) that is feasible for mass-production. In order to achieve that, VENUS will develop an axial-flux variable-reluctance machine. Switched Reluctance seems to be the trend in magnet-free electric machine technology but it has not obtained yet the desired success. Although axial flux configurations of this technology are being introduced in other applications, their use in EVs would be a genuine breakthrough. Axial-flux Synchronous Reluctance is a completely novel configuration for any application, combining already known advantages of radial-flux Synchronous Reluctance machines with the torque increase and advantageous pancake shape of axial-flux configurations, although it requires quite complex manufacturing.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s 7th Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement No 605429

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